The TSG Story

28 years ago, TSG started on a desk made of two stands and a door. All I had was my passion and my father’s manuscripts. TSG grew quickly from a one room office to a two car garage to eventually, overtaking an entire house. Bedrooms became office space, the dining room transformed into a library, the living room became a lecture room for classes, and the garage and secondary storage building became the book inventory with 111 titles published, including more than 200 lecture DVDs and monthly classes, TSG has once again outgrown its space. We need a TSG Center. Without a permanent and accessible Center, the future growth of TSG and the spreading of Torkom’s many works around the world would be seriously limited.

The Future of TSG

            We have been given a $200,000 Challenge Grant. Whatever we raise this year will be matched dollar for dollar up to $200,000. That’s $400,000.

            With your financial support, we can make this Challenge Grant for the TSG Center a reality. TSG is non-profit tax-exempt organization. All of your contributions are tax deductible and serve the important purpose of leading humanity into its glorious future.

Please help us fund our new home. Share the Ageless Wisdom Teaching with the world. Help us establish a Center worthy of Torkom’s stature and contributions to humanity. For more information about what we do and our plans, please visit us online: Sign up for our monthly updates, latest books published, or new courses.

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