Update on $200,000 Matching Gift Challenge

As of October, we have raised $84,304.

We’re moving in the right direction but we still have a long way to go. I know we can get there together!

Whatever is raised in 2016, up to $200,000, will be matched dollar for dollar. The Matching Gift Challenge expires December 31, 2016. Check our website for the more current information.

What joy to know a permanent home and Center for TSG is now possible! This has been our dream for years and, finally, we can make this dream come true.

Why do we need a new TSG Center? The current offices of TSG are housed in a private home. It is limited in space and accessibility. We cannot grow substantially as we are currently housed. Without a permanent and accessible Center, the future growth of TSG and the spreading of Torkom’s creative genius in the world would be seriously limited.

We need a new Center that will anchor all of the work we have been doing for the last 29 years. We need a Center that is permanent, accessible, and conducive to distributing and sustaining Torkom’s creative genius.

TSG’s rapid growth and transformation is in large part due to the generous support of our loyal, faithful supporters. With your help, we continue to accomplish our goals.

With your support, we can make this Challenge Grant a reality, thus ensuring TSG’s sustainability. TSG Foundation is tax-exempt organization. All of your contributions are tax deductible and serve the important purpose of leading humanity into its glorious future. Even if you cannot make your contribution now,  will you make a pledge     for a year-end donation? We gratefully accept donations of any amount. Please remember that you do not have to send us the full amount today. You might consider making your contributions in installments throughout the remainder of this year. Remember, the matching pledge offer expires on December 31, 2016.

This year, in 2016, we begin our 29th year in operation! I thank all of you from the bottom of  my heart for all of your support. Your support has made it possible for TSG to be in a position to receive this generous Matching Challenge Grant and to expand our services. We will keep you posted on the results of our campaign to match this Grant.

With love and gratitude,

Gita Saraydarian

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