Celebrating 29 Years of Building Bridges to Happiness, Joy & Bliss

TSG is now 29 years old! The tremendous progress we have made over the years is due to your love and support, your patronage, and the amazing staff we are blessed to have. In this brief letter, I would like to tell you about new challenges we are facing at TSG, and as a humanity, and what we can do to address these needs. I will also share with you a brief summary of our accomplishments this year.

This morning I received a touching email. Here is one part of it:

“Early this morning, after prayerful and clear, serious intention, I put a check in the mail for the TSG building fund. Deep within I know that the work and service of TSG is a beacon of light and truth into this world. And that these teachings are so needed.”

An important shift is taking place in humanity in every part of the world. Some parts of the world   are prosperous and happy and healthy; other parts are being trampled under oppressive conditions and lack of leadership. Human beings are suffering in many levels all over the world. There is physical suffer- ing, emotional suffering, and mental suffering and most sinister of all, spiritual suffering that removes the sense of humanity from our hearts.

When we look more deeply at the state of health of humanity, it is indeed shifting and growing into  a more dynamic center of Love and Light. We see more tolerance and acceptance. We see more sharing and care for those who suffer. We see more vocal voices from young and old who want freedom and fairness from our leaders.

However, the opposite is also taking place. The forces of materialism and degradation are working overtime to detract us from the forces of Light and Love. We cannot be complacent and think that some- one else will take care of humanity and all we have to do is meditate, pray, and send good thoughts. And, we cannot lose our faith and hope of a better future. What we need at this time is an increased effort to spread the Teaching in every possible way. We need to increase the number of people who have ac- cess to our books and classes. We need to increase the number of people who are critical thinkers and trained meditators. We need to increase the number of people who understand real leadership and are not swayed by lies and fabrications. We need to increase the understanding of the spiritual principles that nurture and grow us as souls.

Each of us can participate in the labor of bringing the Teaching to the world. There is nowhere on Earth that does not need the Teaching. We can educate people’s hearts and minds without pulling back. We need to speak boldly about the Teaching and share it with every person, in all parts of the world.

This is where we, students of the Ageless Wisdom, come in. We need to bring to humanity the culture of the heart, the culture of the soul, the culture of the future. This is the work TSG Foundation focuses on through our products and services.

For this, I and all of us at TSG need your heightened participation. If you have given us your financial support in the past, I ask you to give again generously. If you have read our wonderful books, please purchase more books and give them as gifts to libraries and individuals. Take medi- tation courses and give scholarships to those who need financial support. Share the Teaching in any way that you can. In this way, we become co-workers of the Teaching.

Now is the time to act boldly, step up, and support the work of the great son of the Teaching, Torkom Saraydarian.

Why do we need your increased financial support at this time? Specifically, we need your help to relo- cate to a permanent TSG Center. This will allow our services, products and resources to be publicly available and will facilitate a new dynamism in reaching a greater  number of individuals with the positive message  of the Ageless Wisdom teaching.

In January, we received a generous offer of a

$200,000 matching grant to begin the process of find- ing a new TSG Center. To date, we have raised $85,000. Can we meet the challenge and even surpass it?

We have outgrown our current space. We operate out of a private home that is now limiting our work.

We need additional storage and library spaces, office spaces, and larger meeting room for classes and meetings. And, importantly, we need a permanent home and Center for Torkom’s work so that his legacy can be anchored and guaranteed longevity.

Imagine a beautiful space that is the hub of Torkom’s work and a place of peaceful sanctuary where we can retreat and refresh our souls; a place where the public is able to visit and a place where we can use technology to reach greater numbers of people from around the world.

Let me also share with you some of TSG’s key accomplishments this year:

  • Book releases: 2016 has been successful in staying on target with our book publishing plans. We have released Higher Psychism and Teachings of Great Ones. Meditation: Volumes 1, 2, and 3 is due the first part of December. And, Understanding the Secret Doctrine is due the first part of 2017. We are on target to complete the publishing of all the books within 3 years.
  • We continue to hold monthly Wisdom of the Zodiac study and meditation.
  • We are in our 4th year of the 5-year“Stepping Into the Teaching”program with monthly 3-hour seminars.
  • Annual TSG Conferences and Wesak began in 2000 and have been going strong since.
  • New spiritual counseling and academic counseling programs have been launched. These programs provide guidance on what courses to take, how to stay focused on spiritual studies, and how to overcome challenges to your spiritual striving.
  • New teachers are being trained and taking on more mentoring responsibilities.
  • TSG Forums directly on our TSG Website are increasingly being used for online courses. They bring students together from around the world.
  • TSG Talks is a new page on our website that is an online collection of interviews, testimonials, and articles from passionate students and patrons. If you love our work and you have seen positive effects in your life as a result, tell us about it and share it with the world.

This is but a brief summary of our activities in 2016. So many more programs are in the planning stages and I will share them as they emerge.

We keep publishing, spreading the books, giving seminars, training teachers and group leaders without interruption. We love our work and we do it daily with great joy.

Our purpose is to support your spiritual aspirations and goals and to provide these services to any- one who needs and desires them. We can do this work and even greatly expand it with your generous support. Please continue to support us and be generous at this year-end. Let us together build a new TSG Center and have it be a testament to our work together.

I look forward to your continued friendship and support and your growing participation in our many programs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries about our work. Thank you for your love and support.

Thank you,

Gita Saraydarian Founder & President

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