Thank You!

I wish you a most blessed and harmonious New Year in 2017. I offer my sincere gratitude to your support and friendship to TSG. With your help in 2016, we raised $141,000 of the $200,000 matching grant! This has been a huge blessing for us and all of us at TSG are truly grateful. Your generosity has blessed all of us and our work at TSG Foundation.

Due to your generosity, I will be able to meet with some Realtors and start searching for possible properties for the new TSG Center. I will keep you updated on the progress of this phase of our work.

Our work is to meet the spiritual needs of individuals such as yourself. Those needs include sane and safe guidance in our study, meditation, and striving. Our needs include a community of like-minded individuals where we can connect with loving and expansive people and exchange ideas. Our needs also include an energetic link with others in our meditations, full moon observations and services. Our needs are also to find universal values and answers to the most confounding problems humanity faces today. And, most importantly, our needs include the hope and faith in knowing that Great Ones watch and guide us and we can rely on Them for this guidance. We need to know that our life is growing, evolving, and that crises come and they can be overcome when we hold on tight to the higher values that we all love and cherish.

Our promise to you is to continue the work Torkom Saraydarian started so many years ago. He had the hope and faith that his work would be anchored, would be continued, and would be given new and relevant wings to meet the needs of today. His hope was that his creative wisdom would be used to address our individual and collective spiritual needs. This is the work TSG Foundation focuses on through our products and services.

What we hope to provide for you, and cultivate with your support and involvement, is the culture of the heart, the culture of the soul, and the culture of the future.

I look forward to your continued friendship and support and your growing participation in our many programs. Please feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries about our work. Thank you for your love and support.

Thank you,

Gita Saraydarian
Founder and President
TSG Publishing Foundation

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