Celebrating Torkom – The Living Flame

This year, from November 1st to November 30th we celebrate two important milestones: Torkom’s 100th birthday and TSG Foundation’s

30th anniversary.

In these pages, I would like to first share with you some of Torkom’s guidance that has shaped my thinking and my approach to this work. Then I would like to share a brief history of TSG and how we are moving forward. I hope Torkom’s words inspire you and give you the hope and faith to keep moving forward, striving, and staying on the path regardless of the challenges of life. What our world needs now are women and men of integrity and resilience with the ability to think deeply and see the future of humanity in its universal context. To that end, we all strive.

What Torkom Means to Me

On his 100th birthday we remember Torkom and his absolute, unremitting faith and dedication to the Ageless Wisdom Teaching.

Torkom is a Living Flame. No matter what happened in his life, he knew he was a man  of the Teaching first and foremost. He  did not let personal issues dampen his fire. He  did not let group problems take him down.  He did not let crises, people’s attitudes and fears bring doubt into his heart. He did not  let the personal attachments and ambitions of his students change his course. He remained strong and direct in his mission: to teach, to write, to explain, to expand, to bring depth and clarity to the Teaching of the Ageless Wisdom.

Torkom was a man who inspired courage, hope, and faith in all of us. One cannot help but be uplifted when reading any of his writings or listening to his music and sacred songs. They are different. They are unifying. They ring true.

A friend once told me, “Reading Torkom’s books made an impact of  truth in  my  heart.  I knew as soon as I read a page, there was clear energy and truth in those writings. I have never regretted starting on this course of study and meditation.”

Torkom’s Words of Wisdom

“….But I want to tell you that in reality it is not I who gathered you here, not even my personal attraction. You are here because of the electromagnetic field of the Teaching. The Teaching brought you together, the Teaching inspired you, the Teaching built new bridges between you, and eventually this integration and alignment gave you the concept of the group.

“Really, the group is the result of the Teaching. If you read the Teaching, if you assimilate the Teaching, if you actualize the Teaching, then you will have greater and greater and stronger Teachings.

“Some people worship the Teacher. It is wrong. They respect highly and love their Teacher, but they forget the Teaching. When you worship the Teacher you lose the Teaching. When you assimilate the Teaching, actualize the Teaching, you live the precepts of the Teaching. Your daily labor, daily life must express the Teaching. When you love the Teaching, when you actualize the Teaching, then your Teacher is glorified — not before.

“The greatest respect you can give to your Teacher is to assimilate the Teaching. When the Teaching turns into your life, when the Teaching penetrates into your consciousness in such a way that you breathe, inhale, and work in the consciousness of the Teaching, when this is done your Teacher is glorified. When you love the Teaching, you have the Teacher and the Teaching.” (Autobiography, p. 653.)

How to Remember Torkom

“Do not spread myths and legends about me. Present me as a creative man who cared for the people and mankind without reservation.

Myths and legends create reactions. People, because of their selfishness, talk about things that are not true. People say, ‘He was a master; he performed miracles….’ These can be in their imagination and confusion. I am a man with all the vices and virtues of a man. I am a worker and believe that whoever works intelligently, his life becomes a path for others. Try to present me as a man of creative talent and a hard working laborer, nothing more.

“My love, gratitude, and appreciation for you is infinite. In the Higher Worlds I will meet the lights emanating from your heart, and feel by the joy that you are group conscious and living for the group. Thus the Great Ones will enjoy and send Their blessings and light forever.” (Autobiography, p. 644.)

“God bless all of you and really I love you. You are beautiful people and you are gathered together in the Name of the Teaching. Do not forget that point. I am the carrier of Treasures, like a horse, bringing the Treasures and putting them there. Use them. Bye. Sixty years later Torkom is gone, evaporated, but the Teaching will remain. Strengthen each other with the Teaching, sell the books, buy the books, spread them. There is power in them. Imagine there is no place in the world that these books are not there. They are translated into many languages and new ones are coming every day. It will be an electromagnetic field over humanity. And that is why I wanted to create

—  because  humanity  needed  the Teaching.”

(Autobiography p. 656.)

Torkom’s Advice

“Spread the books as far as you can, and feel honored in doing it. We have thousands of letters that say my books brought sunshine in people’s life. Give this sunshine to others with

a little sacrifice….” (Autobiography, p. 641.) “See how some people are teaching in their

homes or different places. All these activities need encouragement and leadership, and this group must provide  interest  in  leadership.  If a group cannot expand its efforts, its goals, it shrinks and vanishes. But expansion must be intelligent, solemn, and goalfitting. And you will see that in such works your ego and vanity will slowly disappear in an urge for greater service. Your ego will shrink and vanish.

“I advise that you diligently study the five

volumes of Leadership….”

“I gave in the first book instructions that I thought would be tools to be used in your whole life, for group life, for right relationships, for spiritual striving, and for sacrificial service. You can assign a time of day for this study, and then read other books, also, if you want.

“Thought and the Glory of Thinking is a very important book. You must choose it every day. Do not forget Cosmic Shocks and Olympus, World Report…the Year 3000.

“I am proud for most of you. You supported the spiritual work for so many years, and I am sure you will never give up.” (Autobiography, p. 642.)

What Are We Working For

There is a purpose and direction to the work of disciples all over the world that has been emphasized multiple times in Torkom’s writings. The importance of the work done by every woman and man is in the larger context of the Reappearance of Christ and the externalization of the Hierarchy.

“The reappearance of Christ is approaching. They will need many co-workers here and there.

Try to participate in that labor with utter sincerity and faith. The externalization of the Hierarchy is already on the way. Many great disciples are coming into incarnation. They will create great changes in the seven fields of human endeavor. Watch the signs and watch also how the evil side opposes them.” (Autobiography, p. 642.)

The Tibetan Master advises all disciples to say this simple but profound mantram every Thursday:

“Forgetting the things which lie behind, I will strive towards my higher spiritual possibilities. I dedicate myself anew to the service of the Coming One and will do all I can to prepare men’s minds and hearts for that event. I have no other life intention.” (Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 2, pp. 226-227.)

Create a Personal Motto

My personal discipline runs on the following motto: Show up; shut up; and do the work. If I do this with all my heart and soul, forgetting the past and moving ahead, then I can see personal progress.

“Work performed with attention and with all your heart regenerates energy in your system…. Our whole system is built in such a way that it can turn into a perfect transformer, transmitter, and generator or energy.” (Understanding the Secret Doctrine, p. 125.)

How does anyone accomplish so much? Three things: Personal discipline and focus, love of truth and people, and a deep appreciation of support received.

We have to be disciplined and clear in our goals. Focus on one thing and do it well. If we let ourselves continuously moving from one discipline to the next, we dissipate our energy. Power is a result of focus.

We have to love the Teaching and the people we serve. The Teaching creates healing and integration. It helps us heal our heart from past wounds when we approach it with honesty. When we use the right values and principles, we lift ourselves to higher levels of integration. One person’s integrity helps to integrate others.

We have to acknowledge and honor all who support our work, worldly and other worldly, and see the multiple ways that we receive support. We must never forget any support, of any kind. Our prayers and meditations attract help from the Other Worlds. Sometimes, failure opens a new path that you would not have  seen  otherwise.  Whatever  you   wish to do in your life, always keep in mind the multi-levels of help you receive every day. All lessons learned from success or failure help us forge real success.

Following the Teaching leads to spiritual courage. It leads to internal joy, to self- confidence, to inner peace. It makes us real, not cosmetic and pretentious. We do not have to make a lot of noise and espouse spiritual platitudes to show we are women and men of the Teaching; we are as we are in truth.

In doing focused spiritual work — study,

read, meditate, put the principles into daily life

— life is transformed. Do not look for others to change so you are happy; make the change yourself and others will be uplifted because of you.

Everything is possible. Life is an open system. Evolution is a fact of life. If you are willing to do the work required, at some point, life will yield to your labor and striving.

TSG Past

Ten years before I started TSG, Torkom

planted the seed of publishing in me. He said, “Start a publishing company and publish all my books; oversee the translation and distribution of my books; create courses and teach and become an expert in the business. You are an educator, and this is important. People will come and ask you for advice and you will know how to guide them.”

At first, I just listened and nodded. I had not

anticipated this suggestion!

Then ten years later, on a trip to Sedona in 1987 to attend a birthday party in his honor, something happened to me. I wish I could describe the feeling and sensation that I had.   I just glided through the rooms and sat and spoke with the party attendees, but something was different. When I returned home to Los Angeles, I had decided that I was going to quit work and start a publishing company. I gave 30-day notice at work, started the legal process to obtain a business license and a business name. I saw an article in the newspaper about desktop publishing, ordered the book and started my journey. I have never looked back. It took exactly 30 days from start to finish. Thereafter, the month of November has held a special place in my heart!

The rest is history. Here I am, 30 years later. I look at the work we have done in keeping the flame alive, the people we have served,  the courses of study we have created and the lectures and seminars we have presented, the books we have published and distributed. I see clearly that there is a living flame in life that, when caught, charges us with energy that is beyond the individual effort.

100th | 30th Today

The Centennial of Torkom’s birth and

TSG’s 30th anniversary are important milestones that cause me to slow down, take note, and ponder on where we have been, where we are now, and where are we going.

What started out as a thought turned into    a successful business, a place to study and to improve one’s life, and an organization that has made sure that Torkom’s work continues and his legacy grows. If TSG was unable to carry out this work, Torkom’s gift to humanity would have been lost.

Torkom’s books are almost all published.  In less than two years, we will have completed the publishing process. This year we released Understanding the Secret Doctrine, Inner Potentials, Human Nature. We plan to release one more before the end of the year: Atma Vidya: Uncovering the Mystery of the Self.

We are poised to build a new TSG Center. I am actively searching for the perfect place and working with an architect to create a beautiful Center. I will keep you updated on each new development in this process.

We see more and more students interested in daily meditation, serious study, and dedication toward the process of self-transformation.

We see more people interested in translations of the books and distributing them. For example, we have a Spanish translation team made up   of members from five countries! We have a group of active students in India translating, publishing, teaching books in that wonderful

and huge country. More is coming!

TSG Moving Ahead

There were times  when  I  wondered  how I would weather the storms. But my faith in  the work and my dedication to the Teaching never faltered. As a result, I have more faith, more optimism, more hope, more trust in the beauty of human beings and in the future of humanity. I have grown more positive and joyful. Immersing myself in the Teaching in times of trouble and trying to live by principles no matter what happened, the Teaching has helped me and strengthened me. I know for    a fact that when we are totally dedicated, life yields eventually and the doors open. We have to keep moving and never give up. When life’s challenges block your path, with patience and perseverance, find another route to reach your goals.

Our primary goals were to complete the publishing of Torkom’s manuscripts. We are reaching the end and I see one to two years   are needed to complete all of them. We are distributing books to a broader audience. Translations continue. Our study courses are reaching more students. The archives and library projects are ongoing.

Our work is far from finished, but a shift   is taking place; a  new  and  exciting  chapter  is on the horizon. As we complete the 30th anniversary, we are actively looking for a new place to build the TSG permanent home. Along with a new location comes more work, more responsibility, more opportunities to serve a greater community. It also offers a space for more people to become teachers, leaders, and innovative workers in life.

Lasting Message

        Torkom’s lasting message to me was on a simple slip of paper on which he wrote to make our work God’s work. He said not to worry about various business matters, but to  concentrate on my mission and getting the work out to humanity. He emphasized that as long as we do God’s work, all that we need will be given to us. This has been proven true year after year. This is the best barometer and guidance I could have. I offer it to you. Dedicate your life daily to serving God’s Teaching and God’s universal love. Immerse yourself in the Teaching. Follow the Teaching and let the Living Flame burn brightly in your life.

The best way to celebrate Torkom is not to look backward and mourn the loss of a person, but by living the Teaching and increasing the Living Flame that he was and is in essence. We keep moving forward, making his dreams come true. In so doing, we celebrate the real man that he was, a servant of the Teaching.

Thank You…

Thank you for  your  patronage.  Thank you for your financial generosity. Thank you for your loving support and encouragement. Thank you for your participation in our classes, seminars, and meditations.  Thank you for your love and prayers. Everything we have accomplished is due to your loving and faithful support. Together, we are building a community that follows the Teaching. We are building on the physical plane and in the subtle planes an ongoing friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood, that will nourish us in our all lives and in all that we do.

May the  Holy  Ones  continue  to  bless  us all as we uplift ourselves and the lives of those around us. Through our work and silent meditations and prayers, we contribute to the benevolent energies and thoughtforms of the Great Ones. In our daily work, we become spiritual “tubes” that bring benevolence to humanity and all life forms.

Please continue to keep TSG Foundation in your prayers and meditations. Your support in all forms is important to us. All of us at TSG send you our loving friendship and gratitude.

I send you love and friendship.

Gita Saraydarian Founder and President
TSG Foundation/TSG University

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