Working to Help Torkom’s Dreams Come True

Dear Friends & TSG Supporters,

From November 1st to November 30th we celebrate two important milestones: Torkom’s 101st birthday and TSG Foundation’s 31st anniversary. This year, important developments have taken place.

TSG Center for Spiritual Development

We are now working on the design of our new Center on our newly-acquired eleven acres of gorgeous desert land in north Scottsdale. Our Center is being designed to incorporate the principles of Beauty, Goodness, Righteousness, Joy, Freedom, Striving, and Sacrificial Service into the ideals of sustainable design and building.

The floor plan is now complete, and the next design phase consists of internal and external details before we begin the permitting process.

Our schedule is to break ground at the end of March 2019 and work for completion by the end of 2019. This is subject to all parties moving in symphony.

Adopt a Principle

You can be part of the creative process by adopting one of the seven principles and making it your own keynote for the duration of the planning and building process.

How to do that? Choose one of the seven principles. Keep it in your mind every day. When you have a particular insight about it, journal it. Energize it by finding examples of it in nature, in your life, in the behavior of leaders and great people throughout the world. Find quotes about it. Meditate and write your insights on how this principle is a moving force in your life. Then summarize your thoughts and share them with us in April-May 2019, either at the Annual Conference or share on the TSG Facebook page.

By adopting a principle, we keep this living and vital energy in each principle active in our life. We inspire and empower the design and building teams. And, we become an integral part of the building of the TSG Community.

Torkom made these seven principles a central part of his Teaching. We want to dedicate this Center to Torkom and his work; we want to actualize and activate the seven principles in the very fabric of the Center. Your inner work will make this truly significant.

Bless the TSG Center

We would love to receive your written blessings. Write a prayer, a blessing of your own or copied from the Teaching in long hand on acid-free paper, sign it, date it, and send it to us by February 2019. Your blessing will be placed in the foundation of our building.

Book Production Update

We are currently working to complete:

  • Commentary and Lessons on the Bhagavad Gita
  • Hidden Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra
  • Building an Ashramic Group

These books are the hope for humanity. They are the hope for decency, respect, and universal thinking. They will guide old and young toward deeper thinking and living. They help us solidify the truth center inside of us so that life cannot dupe us, lies cannot destroy our faith in the future, crises and failures in private life and public life will not remove our faith in the Great Ones and their guidance. In reading and assimilating these books, we build the truth line of the bridge to our Higher Self.

“Spread the books as far as you can and feel honored in doing it. We have thousands of letters that say my books brought sunshine in people’s life. Give this sunshine to others with a little sacrifice….” (Torkom Saraydarian’s Autobiography, p. 641).

TSG Spiritual University

It was Torkom’s dream to establish a spiritual university to train us in clear, deep, and logical thinking. To have a clear mind, to be rational, to think in terms of reality and truth  are gifts that we bring to all humanity. Our courses are designed to help you learn content and process. We use Torkom’s books as textbooks to learn the foundation of the Teaching. In learning to read, meditate, journal, and report, we exercise our mind to follow through with  a thought; we train our emotions to remain at peace; we train our physical body to obey our soul’s powers of concentration and creative thinking.

We have a beautiful new TSG Spiritual University catalog available online. Contact us and we will guide you with a course that is perfect for your personal goals.

Thank You

Our work has proceeded at its rapid pace and growth only due to your generosity and patronage. Your faith in me and in my work, your friendship, your support to all our staff and volunteers, enables me to awaken everyday and face the expected joy of each creative hour.

Thank you for your patronage. Thank you for your financial generosity. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Thank you for your participation in our classes, seminars, and meditations. Thank you for your love and prayers.

Together, we are building a community we can all be proud of. Our community is energized by the creative force of Great Ones. We are building on the physical plane and in the subtle planes a friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood that will nourish us in all our lives and in all that we do.

I send you love, joy, and gratitude.

Gita Saraydarian 
Founder and President
TSG Foundation
TSG Spiritual University

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