TSG Center for Spiritual Development


“Like the beauty of a physical building that is designed by principles to nurture health, respect for its environment, longevity, and a source of peace and joy, building the inner life of a human being is designed to produce similar outcomes – if it is built utilizing similar principles.”

Gita Saraydarian, President, TSG Center

The TSG Center for Spiritual Development is built on principles to uniquely meet the needs of today’s world. And that challenge of doing so is what we call the living building challenge for each of us. It is the building of spiritual resilience.

What is spiritual resilience? Spiritual resilience is building and harnessing inner resources to experience our progressive capacity for meaningfulness, hope and abundance. The expression of resilience is our creative abilities utilized serving others in daily life.

The TSG Center for Spiritual Development facilitates a pioneering system of wisdom trainings built on principles of living ethics and goodwill. These trainings point to what is possible for the experience of becoming wiser, kinder, and unlocking a new capacity for mental and social resilience.

To receive a Grand Opening invitation and tour of the property, email your contact information to:


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