The Science of Doing Good

There are Seven Higher Principles that inform the Ageless Wisdom Teachings.

These seven principles also correspond with the seven ideals of the Living Building Challenge as shown below.

Higher Principles Living Building Challenge
JoyHealth and Happiness (promotes)
FreedomEquity (renewable materials)
StrivingEnergy (the renewable energy of the sun)
ServiceWater (selfless giving water of life)
RighteousnessMaterials (in tune with safe environment)
GoodnessPlace (perfectly fitted)

Just like any physical building that is designed to nurture health, respect for environment, longevity, and a source of peace and joy, the inner building that we design using these seven principles helps us build lives that are also sensitive to our physical-emotional-mental-psychic environments. These principles help us to build a life that is healthy, in tune with the God’s design of life, and full of joy and peacefulness. The latest research into health and longevity pays close attention to our physical environment, as well as to how we interact with the environment, as a basis for a long, healthy, and productive life.

This is why we are focusing on these seven principles in 2019-2020 as we plan the design and building of the new TSG Center. And, when you engage in these principles every two months, you will expand these life-giving energies in every fiber of your being.

November and December 2019 are all about Goodness

November and December 2019 are all about Goodness. What better principle to use in our lives as we move into the winter holiday season and all the associations we have with these celebrations? If we keep in mind the idea of Goodness, we will get through these periods with renewed joy and vibrancy.

Goodness is a powerful principle that is elegantly covered in The Science of Becoming Oneself by Torkom Saraydarian. In this seminal work, Torkom speaks about the science of deliberate good-making. Here are some inspiring reasons and practical ways to make goodness a part of our life, as quoted from Chapter 3:

The first step is to start with our physical environment. We sit alone, quietly, and think, “Do I know of a man, woman, or child who is in need?” Perhaps after a few minutes we will remember that one of our friends or neighbors needs a pair of shoes, a book, a suit, a car, or a radio. We say to ourselves, “Does this person really need it? Yes. Do I have enough money to buy what is needed? Yes, I do! I will buy it and give it to the one in need.

The second step is to buy the item decided upon.

The third is to give it to the person in the nicest and most considerate way. When we perform an act such as this, we feel that new energy starts to flow and circulate in our mechanism; we experience deep joy, new strength, and new peace.

What exactly did happen? We may say that through this act of goodwill, a tiny current of life energy came down to our mechanism from the Central Fire, and on the way it washed away some obstacles and established feeble communication between the Central Fire, our vehicles of expression, and our environment.

Any time you feel depressed, alone, and neglected, just perform a deed of goodwill with no expectation of return. This is a real science and cannot be learned except by doing it. From such expressions of goodwill, you will learn how to act in a selfless way with an impersonal attitude. You will learn how to approach people, how to come to know them, to feel with them, enabling you to better meet the real need. If you continue to use this technique over a long period of time, the channel of communication between your Real Self and your personality will become wider and deeper, and you will be ready to take the next step.

Sometimes you cannot help others financially; often they do not need it. Perhaps they need only your smile, your pleasant words, sweet songs, music; sometimes they need only your presence, your silent presence. You begin to give your smiles and words to those who truly need them. In giving them joy, you feel that your own inner joy increases; in giving words of peace and comfort, your inner peace deepens; you come closer to your Inner Fire and closer to the Inner Fire of the ones whom you are helping. Gradually, you notice that your emotional and physical problems are lessening and often disappearing because the vitality and love energy are dispelling the fog, the mist, the clouds in your emotional world. The Central Fire is pouring forth its healing rays into your mechanism, aligning and integrating it.

You cannot, however, stop here. You must add another step: the work of goodwill on the mental level. This work involves the giving of your light to others by helping people to solve their own problems through a process of education and enlightenment.

There are times when people need not know what you are giving. We often receive energies of love and light without ever knowing their source. Some of our friends think about us and send their deepest love and compassion. We are helped; we gradually overcome our depression, our sorrow, and our trouble because of prayer-like thoughts and love waves which have been projected toward us by our friends, husband, wife, or parents….

Here the real science of doing good begins. Before we can be of real help to others, we must learn:

Not to impose our ideas, opinions, and thoughts upon anyone, but to respect the freedom of others.

How to clothe our ideas to reveal their greatest beauty.

How to find the level of our friends so that we will not harm them by giving them more than they can assimilate.

To speak or write only the truth. We should never taint our teaching with lies, great or small.

To approach people with deep and sincere love, a love that penetrates the heart of your brother and unveils his woes.

As you continue your good work on the mental plane, planting lights, bringing enlightenment and illumination, you will notice that the light in your own mind is increasing tenfold, and a new energy of love, light, and joy is circulating through your brain, through your heart, and throughout your nervous system.

Thus, year by year, the communication and relationship between your Central Fire and vehicles of expression will increase. Proportionally, they will align, integrate, and fuse with the Inner Light. This fusion will express itself as acts of goodwill, sacrifice, and love; as creative living; as radiant health. Through such expressions and through our efforts to bring enlightenment to others, we heal ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally. This is the simplest way to make contact with our life-giving Spark.

Try to remove an obstacle in another person on any level, and you will discover that you are removing a corresponding obstacle in yourself. We cannot do anything to anyone else without first doing it subjectively to ourselves. Likewise, whenever we act physically, emotionally, and mentally against the Good, the Righteous, and the Beautiful, we build a wall between ourselves and our Inner Essence. In so doing we invite psychosomatic illnesses, physical complications, and ill health in general on three levels.

To live a radiant life, we must return to our Source and become one with our Real Self, which is the Central Fire within us. Doing good on the three levels of human endeavor is the path leading us back to our Father’s House.

To summarize:

  1. Think of someone whom you might help today. The good can be material or monetary gifts. It can be prayers, a beautiful card with thoughtful words, a blessing, or encircling the person in healing light.
  2. Do not expect recognition, payback, or accolades. Do not tell others about the good you are doing; do it in private and quietly.
  3. Be detached from your gift. Often people give gifts and every time they see the recipient, they ask about the gift: Did they receive it? Did they like it? Do they use it? And they talk and talk about it endlessly and end up embarrassing the recipient!

As we come close to the holidays, people feel stressed and obligated to give gifts. Here is a nice reminder from Torkom from the same book…

The giving of gifts to our friends on different occasions should carry the same impersonal motive. Originally, it was an act of goodwill. You met your friend’s need, but gradually this high concept of meeting the need changed into formality and eventually became a compulsory act. You may find that you now take a gift to him because you feel compelled to do so. Although you know that he does not actually need it, you also know that he will feel badly if you do not give him something. The same holds true in the sending of hundreds of Christmas or other greeting cards. It is good if you are meeting a real need on the physical, emotional, or mental level, but it has no meaning if you are forced to do it, or if you are considering what your friend will do or think if he or she does not receive the card or gift. In all our gifts and cards, we must put our sincere love, our impersonal love. We must send them not with expectation, not mechanically, but with real love and with honest intention to meet the need.

The Science of Becoming Oneself
© Copyright, The Creative Trust, November 2019

Do Good Today

TSG Center for Spiritual Development needs your Goodness.

In November and December, we ask you to give generously in the name of Goodness.

May you be blessed in abundant Goodness. May your striving and sacrifice bear the fruits of the soul.

Thank you.

In Goodness,

Gita Saraydarian

2 thoughts on “The Science of Doing Good

  1. I loved reading about the science of doing good in one of my favorite books, The Science of Becoming Oneself. It is a simple step to daily think and feel good, send good thoughts. I will definitely carry this with me throughout the holiday season. Gita

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Debbie

    I loved this post. It has inspired me to keep a journal of the things I am doing that are good. Not that I expect to get reward, but as I keep reminding myself of the good things I am doing, and the good things I could do, I feel so joyful and good about everything! I am seeing even my problems in a new light. I am more open to seeing the good that others are doing. Thank you for sharing this Gita. Releasing goodness is so powerful at this time of year, especially.



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