The Earth Has Moved!

A fresh fragrance filled the air. Saturday morning was already getting very hot, at around 105 degrees, when Steve and I decided to go to the TSG land and look around. Our Contractor had reported to us the progress on the tree salvage and that the initial boxing was now complete. We wanted to see.

Armed with sturdy shoes and clothing, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, and an umbrella, we set out to the land. As we opened the gate, we started to drive up the familiar driveway, a profound change had taken place. The entire footprint for the new center was visibly roped off with bright green thin rope. There was the new driveway, the parking areas, the building itself…. My favorite trees and cacti were lovingly boxed in huge planks of wood. The earth around them had been dug out and huge holes were visible all around and new paths made.

Everywhere we looked, we could see the outlines of the new building, the driveway, the parking areas…all were easy to spot with the green rope and the clearing made by boxed trees and cacti that would otherwise be damaged. We looked through the outside fencing and saw where the new driveway is going to start…meandering through the land. Every shrub and tree that could be saved was safely wrapped and watered. The water hose extended through the property.

Two things stood out: The trees looked so happy, green, lively and did not display any of the droopiness that is ever present in the desert summers. They were nicely trimmed and were sparkling in the morning sun.

Then there was that smell. What was that? We finally figured out it was fertilizer. The trees, cacti, shrubs all had a nice dose of fertilizer given to them to help them get comfortable and ready to be moved. The land was now changed, forever changed.

I stood there and looked at the new face of the land. The image of the new Center started to emerge in my imagination. The beauty of the place was palpable. The earth had moved. A new fragrance filled the air. It was a hot July morning, the sun relentless. But I felt as if transported to a new place of the possible and I cried. I cried and thought….it is happening. After all this time, it is happening.

Thank you everyone who is helping this project to become a reality. What a huge effort: donors, supporters, the believers; those who pray and hold the project in their hearts; the design team, the contractor teams, the tree people, the water people, the tractor drivers…..every single one of you holds a special place in my heart.

The Great Ones will have a home in this part of the desert and there will be a home for all of Torkom Saraydarian’s Creative Works. God willing, we will have a place of Beauty for sure. Keep the faith. The earth has moved.

Thank you, God.


One thought on “The Earth Has Moved!

  1. Dagmar

    Gita, this is so wonderful, I am so happy to heat this.

    I can kind of see it all from here, thank you for sharing – life is full of wonder.

    With gratitude.


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