A Tree and Cactus Nursery — A call for prayers and support

I am still looking at the future with utmost joy, punctuated with “what next?”

As anyone who has built anything knows, delay is the name of the game in any project. Where you least expect it, a delay comes up.  But, despite all of this, we are seeing the land be transformed. The old property has now changed and something new is taking shape.

Steve and I went one early morning to photograph and video the landscapers move giant trees and cacti to their nursery spaces.  We took plenty of photos and videos. I even got to sit in a tractor!

Moving giant cacti is no easy job, but they did it: Cactus movers strapped a strong ladder-like contraption on the giant saguaro. Then they climbed the steps of the ladder, with safety harnesses, up to about 36 feet, and secured all the arms of the cactus. Then the tractor came and lifted the cactus out and then was driven to the next spot and planted…. all looked so simple!

We now have a beautiful cactus nursery…

…and a tree nursery.

Now, what is left is for the city to give us our permit to start the grading and drainage…moving dirt and creating the overall footprint. Then we get the building started!

Our contractor is ready to start moving dirt on September 8th, one day after Labor Day and in the sign of Virgo. So, what does that tell us? We have lots of labor to be done, we can use all the help we can get, and the Mother of the World is watching over this project. With a phenomenal design team, contractor and building team, and supporters and friends just like you, and the guidance of Great Ones, we are sure to get there.

It feels like we are at the final push to get this going and for that, a psychic push is in order. I need you now for that collective psychic push. Please pray with all your heart!

It is time for a prayer circle to come together and say prayers, any prayers you like, to keep our design and building teams safe, our costs affordable, our permits coming without undue stress and pain from the officials in charge. Pray for our resilience to stay strong and our hopes and dreams wide and far-reaching. Pray for safety of all involved in this project. Pray that our beautiful Center will emerge from the ground up and be a place of rare beauty and harmony and joy for everyone who visits.

From that place of beauty, may we spread the message of love, joy, and beauty everywhere.

And, please support our efforts with your generous donations.

Today, I have been going through one of the last unsorted box of papers from the Torkom archives. These contain guidance letters, instructions, celebrations, letters of gratitude and so much more.  

I found a gem to share with you, a prayer in Torkom’s letters for meditators. I thought it appropriate to share this with you at this time:

Salutations to Those Who exist in the world as pillars of Light,
As fountains of compassion,
As sources of power and strength.

May my heart link with the sphere of Their Abode.
May this link increase my aspiration toward Them.
May Their blessings reach me through this link.
And may Their blessings manifest Throughout my life
as service to the world,
And as witness to the existence of the Great Ones.

Thank you,


3 thoughts on “A Tree and Cactus Nursery — A call for prayers and support

  1. This is Great! I am so thrilled just reading the post, I can’t imagine when taking a flight to come and visit.
    May the Great Ones help in anchoring there Divine Light and Love and protect TSG center.
    Thanks Gita and all the helpers of this great project.


  2. 11-4-2020 So wonderful to follow the progress, Is that a small shed for tools? I have some I can donate, so please let me know. When you said nursery I thought you wanted us to grow things at home to donate when the time is right. If there are work days, let me know. I am so happy for the progress. Char


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