3 thoughts on “The building is really shaping up.

  1. Joanne Thurmond

    During the virtual tour a few weeks ago, the architects showed us how the Center is integrated with the natural world. They explained that as we face the Center it appears as an open book. Many thoughts flooded over me. It is not just that TSG is a publishing company. It is not just that on one side of the entry there is a bookstore making Torkom’s wisdom and insights available so that we can read the Book of Nature with greater understanding. It is not just that on the other side there is a reading room library, where the wisdom of humanity is held in sacred trust, housing many of the books Torkom used as he distilled this wisdom for us into practical expression. It is not just that on the same side is the sanctuary, a place of peace and self-discovery – a place of community. It is also that as we enter this building, we are invited to open the Book of Nature within ourselves and learn about ourselves, about how we can express that harmony and harmlessness and unity that is expressed in the Book of Nature of which we are a part, about how we can discover our purpose and the plan of our Soul, about how we can share the pages of our lives in service. The book is open, as if the reader were turning the pages, a gentle desert breeze lifting the pages and our questions to the Higher Worlds and sending our thoughts and insights into this one.

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