About TSG

Who is TSG?

The TSG Center’s focus is on a comprehensive spiritual educational program of life enhancement teachings written and designed by an internationally recognized scholar, philosopher, and author, Torkom Saraydarian. 

TSG has published many books and booklets over the years and continues to release more of Torkom Saraydarian’s creative works. Publications are broadly divided into five subject areas: Ethics and social responsibility, Critical thinking, Creativity and culture, Leadership and vision, Crises and challenges of life.

The purpose of TSG Foundation’s work is to help people to unfold their potentials and transform their lives into increased happiness, joy, creativity and abundance in every way. TSG provides progressive ideas and processes — defined as those ideas which are designed for the betterment of human relationships, and for humanity as a whole, through which a person is empowered to make better life choices in every aspect of life.

The Five Pillars of TSG programs include:

  • Joy & Healing
  • Creating Prosperity
  • The Wisdom of the Zodiac
  • Stepping into the Teaching
  • Annual Conference & Retreat at the time of Wesak

We are in the continuous process of safekeeping all of Torkom’s creative works in multiple mediums. We believe that Torkom’s creative works contribute to the enrichment of humanity’s culture all over the world. These works are worthy of safekeeping for future generations. Future generations will be helped by having access to the lectures, writings, music, and original documents by Torkom to draw upon.

TSG continues to be run by Torkom’s daughter, Gita Saraydarian, who has established a worldwide audience as a creative educator for progressive ideas, transformation, and goodwill.

Who is Torkom?

Torkom Saraydarian was an extraordinary human being. He was known worldwide as a renowned scholar of comparative religions. He was a great teacher, writer, lecturer, and composer of sacred music.

Torkom Saraydarian (1917-1997) was born in Asia Minor. Since childhood he was trained in the Teachings of the Ageless Wisdom under the guidance of his loving father. As he grew up, he visited monasteries, ancient temples, and mystery schools in order to find the answers to his questions about the mystery of man and the Universe. He was musically trained and was able to play the violin, piano, oud, cello, and guitar. He composed hundreds of musical pieces that embody his training in the Ageless Wisdom.

His works represent a synthesis of the best and most beautiful in the sacred culture of the world by creating a truly universal approach to spirituality. These works enrich the foundational thinking on which we can construct our future of true global living.

What Did Torkom Do?

Torkom Saraydarian left a legacy of sacrificial service and a passionate love to understand and serve the Teaching, including:

  • Over 50 years of service, groups formed in the US and internationally, and counseling to thousands of people.
  • Collected a large number of books, booklets, and periodicals about the Teaching.
  • Formed the TSG library.
  • Wrote 150 books and thousands of articles.
  • Presented thousands of lectures, seminars, and workshops in the US and internationally.
  • Presided over the translation of his books into Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Armenian, Danish, Swedish, German, Yugoslavian, and Russian.
  • Helped create, with Gita Saraydarian, TSG Foundation as the major publishing house for his works. 
  • Composed and recorded hundreds of musical compositions and sacred songs. 
  • Created Meditation courses and spiritual training curriculum. (TSG Spiritual Learning Center curriculum is founded on his instructions and courses. )
  • Studied and wrote summaries of major books of the Wisdom Teachings, including The Secret Doctrine, The Bhagavad Gita, Treatise on Cosmic Fire, and the Agni Yoga books.

The one overriding and remarkable achievement in his life was the ability to synthesize and make understandable the huge body of the Wisdom Teachings and to move this entire body to a new level of expression.

About Gita Saraydarian

Gita Saraydarian is the Founder and President of TSG Foundation and TSG University. She has established a worldwide audience as a lecturer and teacher of the Wisdom Teachings. As an educator of progressive ideas, transformation and goodwill, Gita writes and speaks on a range of topics that show contemporary life issues through the prism of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. Learn more about Gita