Why a TSG Center?

We need a new Center that will anchor all of the publishing and spiritual work the TSG group has been doing for the last 30 years. The more funds we raise, the better placed we will be to create just the right space for TSG.

What does a new TSG Center entail?

Specifically, we will have:

  1. Proper staff facilities with needed technological resources.
  2. Proper meeting rooms for public meditation classes, leadership and teacher training courses, seminars, lectures, and weekly service programs, as well as weddings, baptisms, memorial services, and the Annual TSG Conference and celebration of Wesak.
  3. Space for Torkom’s personal library of esoteric books and a special study library for students.
  4. Archive space to safely house Torkom’s creative archives of handwritten manuscripts, original lecture recordings, original music composition including lead sheets, as well as photographs, letters, and other historical materials.
  5. Warehouse room for our extensive inventory of books for sale.
  6. Beautifully landscaped gardens for meditation, reading, and contemplative silence.

What programs will the new TSG Center offer?

The new TSG Center will offer on-site classes for meditation and spiritual development taken from the TSG University curriculum, monthly meetings at the time of the full moon, meditation workshops, public lectures, and our Annual Conference Retreat and Celebration of Wesak. Our classes, lectures, and meditation programs are open to everyone. We wish to expand our local and international presence by developing an interactive and supportive community of practicing disciples.

What is the purpose of the new TSG Center?

The purpose of TSG Foundation is to be a pathway for self-transformation within a supportive community environment.

Where is the New Center located?

Located in North Scottsdale Arizona, the new TSG Center is nestled in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood bordering the Town of Carefree. This location allows for a beautiful and serene retreat setting. Close to hiking trails, but also close to dining, shopping areas, and art galleries, and just 40 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, you’ll find all the convenience you’ll need to plan your visit.


How will TSG give back to the community?

A beautiful new Center will attract and support students who are learning the principles of living ethics and applying them to their daily lives.

The purpose of living ethics and TSG Foundation’s work is to help people unfold their potentials and transform their life to increased happiness, joy, creativity and abundance in every way. TSG provides progressive ideas and processes — defined as those ideas which are designed for the betterment of human relationships and for humanity as a whole, through which a person is empowered to make better life choices in every aspect of life.

Don’t forget about all the great leaders and teachers we will be training so our work continues into the far future. Your help will empower them and give them more skills to reach people in need and help people make sound life decisions.

How can I support TSG efforts?

With your support, we can make this NEW TSG Center a reality. Every act of participation, and every gift of time, talent and treasure will go toward ensuring TSG’s community sustainability. We gratefully accept your loving donations.