Torkom’s Birthday and TSG’s Anniversary

November 1, 2019 marked the 102nd Birthday for Torkom and TSG’s 32nd Anniversary. We celebrated at the property with a sunset ceremony.

We read from the Legend of Shamballa, sang “Beloved Lord”, and sent prayers of blessing and gratitude to the land and to the hundreds of people who have joined us in labor and sacrifice to help manifest this vision of a new center.

Sunset at the property

We watched the beautiful setting sun go down, and then appeared Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, along with the crescent moon.

Just as we were getting ready to leave, we noticed an owl in the tree watching us. It was a very moving and uplifting evening for everyone.

Owl in the tree at sunset

Ground Breaking Day

We are here today, on July 9, 2019, to break the ground for the TSG Center for Spiritual Development, the new and permanent home that will be built here.

Joining me today are friends and co-workers, family members, TSG Staff, and the Design Team from Orcutt/Winslow and our Contractor and Project Managers.

Total people present: 26
Plus a hawk who circled around us as we blessed, spoke, broke ground!

I chose today (July 9, 2019) for our groundbreaking ceremony for two reasons:

  1. To break the impasse and provide energy to get the process moving. The energy that we put into our groundbreaking will start moving the project forward, something we are all looking forward to.
  2. To do this at a time that is esoterically significant. In the Ageless Wisdom tradition, this period is the time where the Constellation of Cancer is aligning with the Sun to radiate building energies to our planet and to anyone who is thinking of building their own life or building anything special in their life. The period is called the Cancer Full Moon, and its motto is:

“I build a lighted house and therein dwell.”

Blessings said at the Groundbreaking Ceremony:

by Torkom Saraydarian
We the members of this Group,
We are one in essence.
May our souls rejoice.
We are one with Humanity.
May our souls rejoice.
We are one with all Life Forms.
May our souls rejoice.
We are one with the Sun.
May our souls rejoice.
We are one with the life of the Galaxy.
May our souls rejoice.
We are one with the Stars.
May our souls rejoice.
We are one with Infinity.
May our Spirits rejoice.

The Spirit of Christ breathes across the desert of life.
Like a spring It wears Its way through the solid rocks.
In the milky firmament It radiates in lights beyond counting,
and rises upward in the stem of every flower.
We lay stones for the steps of the resplendent Temple.
In the name of Christ do we carry them.
Place Thy Throne, O Lord, in our garden!

Leaves of Morya’s Garden Vol. 1 para. 72 and 73

Escrow Closing Day

On February 23, 2018, a small group of friends and staff with Gita Saraydarian gathered together to give thanks and to bless the land.

Blessing of the Land

"We declare this sacred ground.
As custodians, we pledge ourselves to the work of the Great Ones.
May they guide and protect this outpost.
Let the joy of service be the motivating power behind our work.
Let the fragrance of gratitude permeate every stone.
Let us work in harmony with Nature and her devic gifts of construction and distribution.
Let all who will benefit be drawn like bees to the flower,
and the seeds of constant renewal be fortified.
Let all who enter know the healing power of Love."
“We are deeply grateful for this land and the opportunity it gives us.
Accept this land, Lord, as an offering to you.
We dedicate it to your glory and the ministry of angels.
May the spirit of Christ be with all who labor here.
May the forces of light and love uphold them,
and may they walk together
in the spirit of Truth, now and ever after.”

Property Photos